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Understanding the Capability of Your Team is Critical to your Business Performance

Understanding the Capability of Your Team is Critical to your Business Performance

The importance of capability assessment

Capability reviews can be an important part of your organisation’s performance management strategy during the best of times but even more so when your organisation is looking to improve performance, reduce costs and recover from the current crisis.

The last article we sent you on restructuring gave an overview of how The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) approaches organisational redesign. In this article we elaborate on a central tenant of the process: capability assessment.

Capability assessment

Many organisations are taking a piecemeal approach to restructuring by cutting staff with no real regard to the future skills, personality and leadership capability required in the business when recovery gets underway.

Sadly, as with previous recessions, many organisations cut numbers with scant regard for the fact they are removing capability and talent from the business which will further affect the organisation’s performance. The War for Talent will soon be with us again.

Our five point approach to capability assessment:

  • Establish the benchmark through a thorough analysis of future talent requirements from a skills and personality perspective. For example, leadership skills and most importantly, change readiness criteria.
  • Design an objective online assessment centre approach to understand the existing team. Online assessment centres using psychometrics, depth interviews and situational judgement tests which can help an employer build a picture at individual, team and organisational levels. It need not be expensive and can cost as little as £200 to £600 per participant.
  • We recommend assessment results are fed back with depth interviews as feedback reports reflect future potential as well as past attainment. This can be managed virtually using video conferencing.
  • Use the 9 box grid modelling with all the assessment data and past performance information before making decisions about individuals. The OPG’s clients often change their initial viewpoint based on the empirical data our consultants provide.
  • Communicate with candidates the outcome of their assessment and the reasons behind the decision. Your employer brand and reputation can depend on this.

Objective Outcome

Tough people decisions warrant the utmost care. The OPG has a vast amount of experience of seeing the consequences of ill-thought out or subjective decision making but there is a way which is objective, fair and defensible.

Cost effective

Engaging The OPG is not expensive compared with the cost of poor restructuring decisions with costs from just £200 a candidate.  The expense of wrong decision making is much greater.

Since 1991 The OPG has worked with clients to maximise business performance and improve employee effectiveness. Our work ranges from online psychometric assessment solutions and complex organisational development projects to leadership consulting and 360 feedback.


During these difficult times it is vital that your organisation is optimised for future performance. This may not be the way the organisation has been configured in the past. Moreover, the skills profile in the organisation may need to change along with individual roles and responsibilities.

Our clients almost always achieve a rapid return on investment by following our strategic approach to their future.

Can we help you?

For more information call Phil Boyle on 02380 236944 or email him at pboyle@ramseyhall.com

Phil Boyle is The OPG’s Managing Director and has recruited extensively at board, senior and specialist levels for high profile charities and FTSE 100 companies.

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