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Many consultancies claim to be talent acquisition experts. But the fact is very few have the talent management expertise that The OPG possesses. Why? Because our team is uniquely multidisciplinary, with experience not only in HR and resourcing. But also in business psychology and change management accordingly. Consequently, unlike many of our rivals, we have the calibre in our consultancy to deliver on our promises.

After all, workforce planning and talent management are all about getting the right applicant with the right skills, in the right place at the right time. First and foremost to deliver an organisation’s short-term objectives. But in addition to meeting its long-term goals. By that token, it covers a diverse range of disciplines. For instance, succession planning, leadership development, flexible working and job design. And whatever its precise form, workforce planning goes hand in hand with strategic business goals. Ultimately playing a key role in an organisation’s strategic planning process.

For that reason, our mission, first and foremost, is to help our clients make sense of their existing talent data. In addition to gathering insightful information that will form the basis of a successful workforce strategy.


Talent mapping is a process that helps determine an organisation’s future resource needs. By the same token, it also assesses the viability of your current staff to meet those requirements. For that reason, at The OPG, our talent mapping identifies and sources the high-potential players in your field essential for future development. At the same time, devising a strategic plan that will identify and fill the major talent gaps in your team.

This exercise, essential to effective workforce planning, is reliant on the knowledge and skill of the individual overseeing the process. For this reason, our consultants are genuine experts in this area. We have the collective resource necessary to make talent mapping for our clients an ultimately profitable endeavour.


All things considered, succession planning is a key part of business continuity. And above all, any forward-thinking organisation today should have a clear plan in place. First and foremost, in case talent is needed quickly to replace existing leaders during unexpected, or similarly sudden, periods of absence.

In fact, research shows that over two thirds of CEOs and HR Directors recognise the importance succession planning plays in keeping their business afloat during times of upheaval or change. Moreover, with Britain’s imminent exit from the EU on the horizon, there’s consequently never been a more pressing time to have a succession plan firmed up.

In other words, by identifying internal candidates, as well as external talent, ahead of time. Businesses can ensure their development and productivity isn’t ultimately compromised by a sudden change in leadership. Therefore, our approach is to make sure future capabilities address future needs. Above all, ensuring that any candidate in line for leadership is more than capable of rising to the challenge.


The OPG’s consultants regularly advise on best practice in recruitment and selection. For example, designing online recruitment processes, competency framework and competency based interview templates. In addition to more sophisticated selection tools such as Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) and realistic job previews. Which, by and large, are designed around our client’s bespoke requirements.


In addition to helping clients source the best workplace talent, our expert team design a broad range of bespoke performance management processes. These range from competency frameworks. Ultimately all the way through to highly effective appraisal tools, used to assess an employee’s capabilities. And, by the same token, attainment accordingly. Above all, our consultants know that the key to effective performance management lies in aligning people with corporate strategy.

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