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A Guide to Recruiting Graduates

For decades larger organisations have used selective recruitment methods to choose the best graduates. This used to mean expensive, but highly effective, assessment centres were the primary method. They remain the best way to recruit volume graduates but there are alternatives to fit almost every budget.

Today technology has facilitated the spread of online assessment tests and assessments which range from personality assessments to ability testing and situational judgement tests.

Not all graduates are of the same calibre, degree classification is not a reliable guide to future job performance or organisational fit.

Cost effective graduate selection

Cost is clearly a driver in recruitment and selection for many organisations. Modern assessment techniques have addressed these concerns.

Today a typical graduate recruitment process includes:

  • Online personality assessment using a highly predictive tool with graduate comparator groups.  We recommend the market leading OPQ32.
  • Ability testing using graduate level online ability tests.  The new Verify G+ from SHL is designed for this.
  • Panel interviews, as they are more reliable than one on ones, with role play and/or candidate presentations being effective tools.

Do’s and don’ts of selection

Don’t rely on degree grades – correlation with job success is poor.

Don’t rely on interviews alone. Not all graduates are born equal. Capability and potential needs to be empirically measured.

Do learn from the global organisations who invest in recruiting high calibre graduates using highly selective recruiting techniques.

Do recruit graduates with career advancement in mind. This should not be a short-term investment. Succession planning and defined career paths attract better candidates and help you get the best from the team.

Our dedicated graduate assessment page on our website can be accessed here.

Alternatively, contact Matthew Davis at medavis@ramseyhall.com for more details or advice on getting the best people cost effectively.

The OPG provides all the assessment tools you need, the expertise to select the best methodologies and a team of online designers who can bespoke assessments for your ongoing use.

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