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Results of the OPG's Third Annual Survey on Psychometric Assessment Part 2

Our Third Annual Survey on Psychometric Assessment (Part 2)

In the last blog we discussed how our survey of 113 senior executives use psychometric assessment as part of their HR strategy.

Click here to read Part 1.

In part 2 we delve deeper into the data to understand how people use psychometric assessment in practice.

Psychometric assessment is used at every level

The use of psychometric assessment is not limited to assessing leadership and high potential staff. Over 60% of respondents use assessment for assessing supervisors and below. 19% of those surveyed use psychometric assessment for every level of employee.

Moreover, psychometric assessment is increasingly being seen as an important part of talent management strategy of employers.

Psychometric assessment as part of restructuring and succession planning

Whilst recruitment & selection remains the most popular use for psychometric assessment (41% uptake), assessment is also used as part of succession planning (16%) and as part of restructuring (10%) of respondents’ organisations.

It will be interesting to see if this use increases in the near future given the number of organisations that are going through change…

Assessment as part of leadership identification and development

Psychometric assessment is increasingly being utilised as part of leadership assessment and development (38% of respondents). Leadership consultants and business psychologists tend to deliver feedback for leadership assessments.

Yet only 17% of organisations use assessment with externally facilitated executive coaching regularly, even though 53% of respondents said that they use executive coaches at least occasionally.

Bespoke reports designed by consultants are popular

42% of organisations surveyed use bespoke psychometric reports written by consultants with just 19% of respondents using only automated reports. This illustrates that despite the convenience automated reports provides in terms of time and cost, clients value consultant input and candidate feedback.

80% of respondents agree that psychometric assessment helps ‘people decision making’

Perhaps the most significant statistic is that psychometric assessment works for 80% of the 113 surveyed participants. This shows that the contacts surveyed value the data assessment provides.


Over the last two articles, we have provided some insight into our survey findings. In the final report, which we are compiling, we will look into the data in even more detail and draw some conclusions around how psychometric assessment benefits the organisations that utilise it.

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