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SHL Ability Tests

SHL Verify Online Ability Tests


SHL Verify product Update Autumn 2019

SHL have launched a new set of assessments which they call, SHL Verify Interactive.

With SHL Verify Interactive, you can:

  • Support early stage screening. Mobile-based assessment can support early-stage screening in the recruitment process, providing up-front, objective insight into candidate potential for success in roles that experience high candidate volumes
  • Increase solution predictiveness. SHL Verify Interactive can augment the overall predictive power of an assessment solution when combined with other types of assessment helping to create a holistic view of a candidate’s potential.
  • Provide an engaging, mobile-first assessment experience increases candidate access and reach by providing multiple device options. Make decisions with confidence, knowing that candidate results are comparable regardless of assessment device.

SHL Verify Interactive will help place your organisation ahead of the game by:

  • Enhancing your brand’s “perceptions of fairness” by providing opportunities for candidates to showcase their skills in engaging and business-relevant ways.
  • Offering increased prediction of critical workplace skills related to spotting trends, diagnosing problems, and developing solutions that lead to enhanced performance.
  • Providing a brand-relevant, mobile-first assessment experience that candidates can take anytime, anywhere, on any device.

We also provide a range of psychometric assessments from the leading suppliers.

This exciting development for the Verify range brings new technology to the market with high face validity which candidates will like. See here for detail.

Various specialist aptitude and ability testing tools are available to assess a candidate’s capabilities and at The OPG we offer comprehensive aptitude testing which are a reliable measure of cognitive ability.  These SHL aptitude tests are proven to reduce the risk of a failed hire and can be used to inform recruitment, succession and development situations.

SHL Verify for example, is a simple to use online suite of aptitude and ability tests. Verify Online Ability Tests are suitable for every hierarchy of candidate. From ground-level operations staff, through to senior executives and graduates. The scores for each online ability test is benchmarked against comparators provided by SHL. This means the SHL Verify Ability Tests tests are effective at ranking candidates against their peers. This is because a direct comparison between candidates is easier to achieve.

The following SHL Verify online ability tests are all available via our SHL Bureau services:

SHL Verify Verbal reasoning

SHL Verify Numerical reasoning

SHL Verify Inductive reasoning

SHL Verify Deductive reasoning*

SHL Verify Checking test*

SHL Verify Calculation test*

SHL Verify Spatial reasoning*

SHL Verify Mechanical reasoning*

*Only available at select levels.

SHL Verify aptitude/ability tests offer tremendous value with discounts available for volume orders.
A range of business simulation tools, delivered via online assessment, are also available on request. Feel free to contact our team for more details.

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