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Making critical hiring succession planning or restructuring decisions

Making critical hiring succession planning or restructuring decisions

The OPG has long been an advocate of using psychometric assessment for ‘high stakes’; assessment whether it is part of a hiring decision or for succession planning, redeployment or restructuring. However, using such psychometric assessment is only effective if the process is managed effectively.

Our guide to effective psychometric assessment:

  • Only use British Psychological Society accredited psychometric assessment tools. The various market offerings which do not require trained user accreditation do not offer value for money because their validity is often questionable. The OPG recommends either SHL OPQ32r, FIRO B and/or Hogan Psychometric Assessments.
  • Remember psychometric assessment need not be expensive. Online options with telephone feedback can be as little as a few hundred pounds with more in depth face to face assessment costing more.
  • In some cases, The OPG combines personality psychometric assessment with cognitive ability tests such as the SHL Verify range and their innovative Verify G + assessment. Business simulation tools and Situational Judgement Tests such as SHL Scenarios also offer greater insight.
  • Engaging expert consultants to provide feedback both in writing but also importantly, to candidates. Properly trained experts can use the data to really understand the individual being assessed in the psychometric assessment. This data can tell you more than the psychometric assessment information alone.

So, what does psychometric assessment reveal?

Many organisations with which we work have historically neglected their senior leadership`s development and corporate governance processes and this will increasingly concern investors, lenders and thus become a feature in any management due diligence process as part of M & A activities. The simple truth is that organisations are more sustainable and profitable if they are led by a strong collective team and not just by a powerful, single shareholder. Why would you not want to work better together? The cost is, after all, small.

  • Potential organisational and role fit – Psychometric testing provides useful, but not definitive, information around how they may fit into the role or new position
  • Offers an insight into a candidate’s potential as well as suitability. Past performance is not a guide to future success as they say anymore than craft skills predict leadership potential
  • Whether an individual can contribute at an organisational level. For example, their motivation to manage change, the likelihood the candidate is going to be strategic or innovative and so on
  • Can be used as part of a restructuring or other ‘high stakes’ assessment situation

Value for money

Psychometric assessment along with appropriate feedback and other assessment is far more reliable than interviews alone. Moreover, it provides a level of detail and insight that simple interview or ‘gut feel’ processes cannot provide.

The OPG are experts in psychometric assessment, leadership consulting and organisational development.

Please email Matthew Davis at medavis@theopg.co.uk or call him on 02380 236944 for a conversation.

Our work ranges from online psychometric assessment solutions and complex organisational development projects to leadership consulting and 360 feedback.


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