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 Leadership Development Programmes

Employee engagement is about much more than effective communication. It involves excellence in leadership. And the ability to make your people and stakeholders feel part of something bigger.

Traditional training of course has its place. However, its instructional nature isn’t tailored to suit individual needs. Similarly nor is this approach the best way to raise self-awareness and develop workplace talent. Moreover, employee engagement, while crucial in business, is at any rate pointless. If leaders can’t communicate company vision beyond their direct reports first and foremost.

Consequently, at The OPG our Leadership Development Programmes are based on objective leadership assessment and on business and performance needs. As a result we focus on world-class work practices. Transforming our clients’ business performance and their ‘bottom line’ numbers. For this reason, Leadership Development is a critical part of this process. In fact, not only is Leadership Development proven to improve performance. Through better behaviours, work practices and motivation. Ultimately, as leadership is a top-down process, the benefits can be felt company-wide. Our executive coaching practice uses cutting edge 360-degree feedback and psychometric assessment to help participants to become self-aware and focused on their own development and that of the senior team.  Have a look at our research article on leadership assessment & development by clicking here.


Above all using objective assessment, professional feedback and performance observations in our leadership and executive assessment.

In fact our consultants and executive coaching experts understand exactly what it takes to succeed in the world of work. And consequently use a combination of psychometric tests, 360 feedback and bespoke assessment exercises. First and foremost to analyse the strengths of your leadership team. Then in some cases assessing individuals in groups as part of a development centre exercise.  Our research article on Enterprise Leadership illustrates how we approach senior leadership assessment and development.

 From here on The OPG wastes no time in designing meaningful executive coaching packages. That as a result improve leadership capability in the ‘problem’ areas highlighted by our research. Of course utmost in our minds when designing these programmes is the need to balance personal development with organisational goals accordingly.  This has a positive impact on organisational performance and culture.


We work with clients to design meaningful executive coaching packages. Which, first and foremost, develop leadership capability and cater to your unique business type.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t hide behind “psychobabble” or trendy HR buzzwords. As a result, our clients benefit from insightful executive assessment. Presented in a refreshingly jargon-free format. That’s easy to digest and ultimately simple to understand. Providing each employee with a Learning & Development / Personal Development Plan. Outlining developmental targets at organisational and individual level accordingly.

High-performance teams offer a competitive advantage

High-performance working is the common goal for all businesses today. And as research has shown, having a high-performance team offers a major competitive advantage.
However, managing these teams is another thing altogether. Especially as high-performing individuals tend to harbour strong attitudes and opinions. So it’s not uncommon for each team to present a unique management challenge.

Our research has shown that high-performance teams need:

A strong set of values

Effective controls around rule adherence and procedures

Creativity and innovation balanced with discipline

Successes celebrated and the team’s status acknowledged

Team working promoted above individual responsibility

Improving the team dynamic

Above all, effective team development rests on improving the overall team dynamic. Therefore we identify the team’s collective strengths and any barriers to performance accordingly. First and foremost as individuals then as a unit. Consequently this enables us to design a development plan that addresses the needs of the team collectively. Ultimately empowering the organisations we work with to bring about pivotal step change and by the same token improve their team dynamic.

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Typical Projects

Facilitating a better transition to a senior role with a ‘First 100 day programme’

Often leaders at the top of an organisation feel exposed. Many have never been through management development or a First 100 day programme. Some have no idea what to expect at the next level. And others have little formal development to prepare them for the role.

The OPG’s Executive Coaches work with clients to develop emotional intelligence and a better, more inclusive, leadership style. Leadership development is just a part of our People & Change advisory.

Working with leaders to develop high performance

The majority of managers today have never been to business school. Or worked with a top-tier strategy consultancy. Yet, often their role requires them to contribute to tactical planning.

Working on either an individual or wider team basis, our Executive Coaches help leaders develop clarity around roles and responsibilities. Moreover, we help identify the purpose, mission and norms needed for teams to work together. And this, in turn, develops a world-class team dynamic.

Research shows that where performance indicators are vague, targets unachievable, and roles & responsibilities ill defined, failure is almost certainly the outcome. In these situations the senior team’s competency to lead, and articulate business strategy, has never been more important.

Developing High Performance through Executive Coaching

Performance management isn’t just about dealing with underperformers. Often it involves challenging entrenched attitudes and practices.

For this reason, our Executive Coaches often work with employees on a one-to-one basis. Addressing a wide range of business-focussed areas. Typically held over two or three sessions, our Executive Coaches take participants through the executive coaching process. By and large using a recognised framework such as the GROW model.

In fact our Executive Coaching not only helps participants identify their learning & development needs. It also introduces bespoke plans for sustainable self-improvement. From here on coaches often encourage participants to share their plan with a line manager. At this point adopting the programme as part of their work based development goals.

Not limited to Executives

Leadership Consultants often claim to specialise in the ‘top 50 team’ or limit their services to executive and board level. The OPG is different. The fact is we regard leadership as top down. From CEO to first line manager level. And, however specific needs vary, the desired outcome is always the same. Namely to achieve organisation-wide high performance!

Succession planning at top tier level is fundamental to good business practice. For this reason, our consultants have experience managing large-scale projects across multiple levels. In addition to providing the data and analytics needed for successful succession planning.

Top down performance management

Organisational effectiveness stems from the top down. And by the same token strong leadership results in a steady ship. Therefore our succession planning, board effectiveness and leadership development programmes focus on putting the right people in charge of your workforce. Focussing on meeting business development goals and consequently improving productivity at every level in your organisation.

Our multidisciplinary team takes a holistic approach

Ramsey Hall, in addition to our sister practice, The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) work across the employee life cycle. From engaging talent to developing team dynamics. In fact with our multidisciplinary team of HR, business psychology, executive coaches and performance management experts. Your organisation is in the best hands.

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