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 Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment has been a core advisory service for The OPG for over 25 years.


Whether you’re recruiting at leadership level in your organisation, or simply developing internal leadership capability. It is just good sense to develop an objective understanding of a candidate’s potential. This can be matched with an understanding of their past performance gained from a range of leadership (executive) assessment tools.

The most commonly used are the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), the OPQ32r or the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI). Often, this is combined with 360 degree feedback and executive coaching provided by our executive coaching team. See our blog on 360 degree feedback.

Focused on CEOs and their direct reports, we work in conjunction with our Board Effectiveness consulting team. This provides a better understanding of a candidate’s business focus as well as their personality. Moreover, our process identifies cultural issues and whether an individual’s leadership capability and attitudes are aligned with corporate strategy.


The OPG’s objective assessments are essential to any leadership development programme. They offer an unbiased and thorough understanding of a candidate’s leadership capability and their potential. Often we combine this form of assessment with our leading executive coaching programmes.


At The OPG our leadership assessment goes beyond psychological assessment. We truly reveal an executive’s business acumen, leadership potential and motivation to succeed.  Click here to read our blog post entitled, ‘Unlocking The Potential of Executives’ here. You may also like to read our blog on Executive Performance here.  Alternatively, our thoughts on 360 degree feedback may be of interest.


In addition to Chartered HR professionals, Chartered Business Psychologists, Performance Management experts and ICSA trained Corporate Governance advisors form a key part of The OPG team. This gives us a full 360 degree assessment and development capability.

The OPG Leadership Assessment Model

Competency Assessment

  • “Bright” Side Personality & Emotional Intelligence and/or 360 feedback
  • “Dark” Side Personality
  • Motivation & Values

Business capability

  • Business Simulation Tools
  • Work Sample Tests/ Situational Judgement Tests

Interviews & Observations

  • Depth Interviews
  • Observed Behaviours
  • Benchmarking
Competency Assessment


Psychometric assessment tools, such as the OPQ 32r, HPI or HDS are one of the most objective and accurate methods of assessing capability and potential in use today.

For leadership assessments, our consultants focus on three key areas that are critical for success at leadership level.


At The OPG we assess personality using Hogan and/or SHL OPQ32r tools. To understand behavioural work preferences around key “bright” side personality areas. Such as influencing, sociability, empathy, and analysis. As well as structure, emotion, dynamism, creativity, and change.

Often it’s appropriate to also assess a candidate’s emotional intelligence (EI) as well. Since effective leadership requires excellent interpersonal, self-perception, and decision making skills. Combined with emotional control.

For internal candidates, we often recommend the Enterprise 360 feedback tool as part of this process. Because it measures real life data.


The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) is a unique tool, which assesses the “dark” side of a person’s personality. By which we mean the qualities that typically emerge in times of very high stress. These extreme behaviours can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, and derail success. So by assessing “dark” side personality, among your employees, you can isolate behavioural triggers. Mitigating performance risks before they become a problem.


There is a crucial difference between high performers, who are motivated to succeed, and individuals who are inhibitors to success. Either because of poor motivation and entrenched views. Or a deep-seated resistance to change. Our research can help employers understand those instances where poor performance is directly linked to attitude and behavioural qualities.

Business Capability

Business Capability

In the corporate environment many psychologists fail to recognise the need for effective leadership assessment to be strategically business-focussed. Workplace simulation tools re-enact potential real life scenarios. Allowing observations to be made about an individual’s decision-making and leadership capabilities.

Typically, these assessments will include case studies with presentations, group exercises and online situational judgement tests (SJTs). The OPG has access to a wide variety of ‘off the shelf’ tools. But is also an accomplished developer of bespoke exercises and assessments with high face validity.

Interviews & Observations

Interviews & Observations

Depth semi-structured interviews focus on how a candidate has reached the level they work at. In order to fully understand their strengths and clarify where future development needs to be focussed. These interview-based assessments are designed around psychometric test data and business simulation tools.

Bespoke Data Reports

At leadership and executive level having a hypothetical or judgement-based view of a candidate’s capability and potential is simply not sufficient. At The OPG we regard ‘high stakes’ assessments with the seriousness they warrant. We are explicitly data-driven and objective when it comes to analysing the results of our psychometric tests and feedback.

Basing decisions on staff capability and potential purely on gut instincts will fail! Anything other than data capture is an unacceptably high-risk approach to workplace hiring. It will simply not succeed if you’re looking to attract the best talent to your business.

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