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How to Ensure Your NHS Leaders and Managers Can Lead Effectively

How to Ensure Your NHS Leaders and Managers Can Lead Effectively

Recruiting and promoting nursing, administrative and leadership staff into senior positions may seem straightforward. After all, they have the ‘craft skills’ for the role, but are their leadership and management abilities good enough?

Leadership capability is high on most organisations’ agendas as resources need to be maximised and human resources optimised for the success of the trust. The NHS has promoted leadership through The NHS Leadership Academy for some years, but how many trusts start to develop their leadership capability at the selection stage? How many trusts actually understand the capabilities and potential of their senior staff?

Psychometric Assessment Starts the Process

The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) works closely with NHS clients to provide a psychometric assessment with bespoke feedback to help trusts select the right leadership talent primarily for grade 8a and above.

A typical assessment looks at a candidate’s work preferences in regard to the NHS leadership competencies, but are bespoke to the particular requirements of the trust we are working with.

See the chart below for an overview of our four-step process.

Valuable Insights

The OPG focuses on the issues, competencies and cultural considerations that NHS trusts need their leaders and managers to practice.

Typical reports might include sections on:

  • Working with people
  • Patient care
  • Leadership Potential
  • Planning & Organising
  • Thinking Style
  • Suggested areas to probe at interview/interview questions

The exact contents of our psychometric feedback reports depend entirely on your requirements but most have similar themes around patient care such as the ability to speak up and be mindful, have a high degree of caring and consultative work preferences and be open to change.

We start any client relationship with a though briefing to understand client needs and to appreciate what looks good for the client.

“Psychometric assessment and feedback acts as a magnifying glass to identify capability issues, de-railing concerns and business risks.”

Benefits of Psychometric Assessment with Feedback

The OPG delivers bespoke reports with recommendations and suggested interview questions which allow you to really probe deeper into a candidate’s leadership and management work preferences, and skills.

Objective, Benchmarked and Fair

Our consultants are independent and with our extensive benchmark data we are able to add real value at the selection and promotion stage. Our advice adds value to client hiring and promotion decisions and our data provides insightful information around future potential as well as an individuals work preferences.

As a client you will benefit from:

  • Expert consultancy delivered by a team with over 20 years’ experience
  • Market leading psychometrics assessment
  • Extensive NHS benchmark data to compare candidates against
  • Cost effective and timely
  • Bespoke and insightful data
  • Better promotions and hires

Cost Effective

Psychometric assessment with bespoke feedback and reports start at just £230 – £500 + VAT depending on requirements and anticipated volumes. More in-depth leadership assessment for senior roles is priced separately.

Next Steps

If you’d like to discuss our approach call Phil Boyle on 02380 236944 or email him at pboyle@ramseyhall.com.

Phil Boyle is The OPG’s Managing Director and has advised extensively at senior and specialist levels for NHS trusts.


Candidate Details

The client sends the candidates’ information to The OPG.

Online Assessment

We use market leading psychometric assessment services such as OPQ32 or Hogan to evaluate.


We conduct depth consultant-led feedback interviews with the candidates.


The provision of bespoke feedback reports designed around roles and cultures accompanied with feedback data.

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