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Five tips for using psychometric assessment for graduate recruitment and selection

Five tips for using psychometric assessment for graduate recruitment and selection

I hope you were able to read our latest thinking on psychometric assessment last week. If you missed it click here. After the blog we received an order from a new client, a coincidence, for graduate assessment. Graduate recruitment is a significant opportunity to use psychometric assessment as the candidate pool tends to be larger. Our best practice guide may provoke thought.

Many organisations employ psychometric assessment for graduate hires. Some organisations spend large sums on assessment centres which we have designed for some august institutions. However, whilst assessment centres remain the ‘gold’ standard there are cost effective alternatives.

Our five tips for assessing candidates for graduate recruitment:

  • Carrying out a proper job analysis is critical pre hire. Questions around why you are hiring? What skills are needed? Where is the skills gap in our existing team? How are we going to develop the graduate? All need to be addressed. A role profile with behavioural indicators can then be designed. The results of which can be used to describe the personality psychometric assessment results by designing an assessment template. This means that specific skills requirements can be objectively assessed, and evidence recorded.
  • One of the most important areas for assessment is personality fit and potential. We can compare graduates against a comparison group, and this means that you have an understanding of a candidate’s fit but also areas for development post hire. As discussed in the last article, professional debriefing and depth feedback is critical. Often, we provide this by phone as part of the sifting process.
  • In order to understand the capability and potential of graduate hires evidence shows that arbitrary use of degree grades, typically 2:1 or 2:2 is a poor predictor. Instead, we recommend cognitive ability tests such as the G + test. This is a modern assessment of three factors; numerical, inductive and deductive reasoning. The test is designed to be interactive and have high ‘face validity’. This means that the test taker can relate to the questions. Moreover, the results can be benchmarked against other graduates. This comparison is a key feature of the test. Graduate level verbal reasoning can also be added as a separate exercise.
  • Managerial judgement can be assessed even at graduate recruitment stage. We have specific situational judgement tests designed for graduate recruits. It assumes limited work experience but uses hypothetical scenarios to understand a candidate’s judgement skills.
  • Assessment centres remain the ‘gold standard’. We recommend using ‘pre-centre invite assessment’ to narrow down the candidate pool. This means that assessment centres can focus on candidates who are more likely to be successful. This saves resources. Our business psychologists can advise where needed as we are experts in this area.

Recruiting graduates and high potential candidates is often challenging because they do not have a proven track record in work. By using valid and bench marked psychometric assessment as part of the process it can reduce the risks of a failed hire considerably. Moreover, it need not be expensive as we can provide attractive discounted rates for larger orders.  See our main page on graduate assessment for more information.

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