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A global banking institution partnered with The Occupational Psychology Group  (The OPG) to design and deliver an executive assessment centre  in order to assess candidates for their Executive Management Team.  This was part of the management due diligence process for a newly constituted organisation formed through the merger of three separate organisations.


Effectively the client had only been formed as a shadow organisation a few weeks earlier.  Both internal staff and the newly appointed CEO and Chair had not been able to participate in designing the roles of the C suite beyond their expression of approval.  Secondly, external regulators were auditing the process.  They were to have a significant say over the conduct and outcome of the assessment centres.   Multiple stakeholders had to be satisfied as the project progressed.

Three ‘C’ suite roles needed to be resourced with a mixture of internal and external candidates to be considered.  The overriding purpose of the process was to provide a transparent and objective assessment centre selection process which would equip the senior team with the best talent available.

The process, therefore, needed to satisfy multiple stakeholders and within a very tight timeframe.

The OPG team took responsibility for most aspects of the project.  This included role design, competency design and the design of the assessment centre exercise.


The OPG Consulting team worked closely with our Ramsey Hall colleagues to design and deliver a full-scale assessment centre for each role.  The assessment centres included:

Pre-centre psychometrics (personality and ability tests)

Pre-screening questionnaire

Depth semi structured interviews

Case study exercise

Assessed presentation

The assessment centres were delivered over 4 centres with 22 candidates.  This was over a three-week timeframe.

Our consultants helped the client with decision making with written reports.  Verbal advice at the “on the day wash up” was also provided.


Our consultants provided the client panel with 3 highly qualified and credible candidates for each role.  Each candidate had a detailed feedback report prepared for use in final selection.  The quality of candidates for each role really illustrated how selective recruitment and selection delivers results over traditional recruitment methods which do not use objective assessment.

The OPG’s part of the process was completed within 3 weeks of instruction.

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