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Can your Team Thrive in the “New Normal”?

Can your Team Thrive in the “New Normal”?

The “new normal” will present challenges for employers and employees alike for at least the next few months as many of us work from home and/or have to lead remotely.

Given the seismic change in working practices that many people are going through, past performance may not be a guide to future success.

What are the issues?

  • Many employees will need to adjust to having to work semi-autonomously and this will be very challenging for some. This will be especially true for employees who value having a high degree of supervision or face to face leadership.
  • Colleagues who are strongly affiliative and who really value time spent with others at work will need extra support. This is an important point because research shows that many people are motivated to go to work because of the social interaction it offers. How, therefore, will such individuals cope when working alone?
  • Competencies around being accountable and in control will become more important for all individuals as the metric of accountability moves from close supervision to a more results-oriented approach.
  • Leaders will need to adapt to working remotely as well, with less contact with their teams. This means that the ability to influence and care (support) colleagues will be especially critical as ongoing employee engagement will be critical to high performance. Many leaders are likely to find the transition to this approach challenging.

Understanding the Capability and Fit of Team Members

Organisations need to make sure that they understand the capability of their people and put in place interventions which ensure business continuity and success is achieved.

The OPG has extensive expertise in capability assessment which helps our clients understand their people. Typically, such assessment involves the following:

  • Online psychometric assessment to understand the core capabilities of the participant.
  • Depth feedback interviews by video call with one of our experienced consultants to order to achieve buy-in and raised self-awareness for the participants.
  • Feedback reports with identified strengths and development needs for the participant along with personal development advice
  • Executive coaching support where needed to help the participant to make the transition.
  • Gap analysis for teams, departments or complete organisations to obtain a top to bottom understanding of the new individual and team dynamics.

High Stakes Assessment for Restructuring

Whilst the above process is recommended for capability assessment and development, there may well be occasions when online psychometric solutions take an even greater role as part of restructuring. Our objective capability assessment processes then take on even greater value because, increasingly, past performance may not be an accurate guide to a participant’s likely performance within the “new normal”.

Making Decisions Based on the Data

A recent article on High Stakes Assessment gives further information about using objective evidence for restructuring.



  • Use objective data based on future potential as well as past performance when implementing capability assessments.
  • Support employees with enhanced personal development planning opportunities.
  • Make sure you fully understand the capabilities of your key staff before making any people decisions.


  • Assume home working will work for everybody
  • Leave staff without the support and understanding they will need when working from home.
  • Make difficult decisions without properly understanding what it means for future performance
  • Make decisions without all the data.

For more information call Phil Boyle on 02380 236944 or email him at pboyle@ramseyhall.com

Phil Boyle is The OPG’s Managing Director and has recruited extensively at Board, Senior and Specialist levels for high profile charities and FTSE 100 companies and has particular experience working with aerospace and manufacturing businesses.

Since 1991 The OPG has worked with clients to maximise business performance and improve employee effectiveness. Our work ranges from online psychometric assessment solutions and complex organisational development projects to leadership consulting and 360 feedback.

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