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Assessment centres are the ‘gold’ standard for recruitment & selection. They provide multiple ways for employers to assess the suitability of a prospective candidate. The results can then be measured against the required competencies for the role in question.  We provide assessment centres for graduate recruitment, high potential hiring and for leadership positions.

The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) uses a combination of personality tests, ability tests, depth feedback interviews and business simulation tools. This builds a powerful, insightful and objective understanding of a candidate’s current attainment and future potential. Because assessment centres are the most in depth, consistent, and objective way to assess candidates available.

We provide carefully selected ‘off the shelf’ assessments or design bespoke assessment packages. Which depends on our clients’ requirements.

Every organisation strives to achieve high performance. But only those that invest in objective assessment can truly understand the capability and potential of their people. This is because interviews alone are proven to lack reliability. For business critical roles therefore, it is paramount a more in-depth assessment process is used. Typical roles range from graduate entry positions to leadership and board appointments.

Assessment & Development Centres will commonly use some or all of the following:

Psychometric tests

Role plays

Off the shelf or bespoke Group Exercises

Depth competency interviews

Business simulations

In trays



Development Centres are similar to assessment centres, but focussed on capability development. The OPG typically designs development centres for high potential development, leadership development and succession planning projects. We work with the Ramsey Hall Leadership Consulting team, where appropriate, to deliver high quality leadership advisory.

Data gathered at the centre can be fed back to candidates. This is usually led by a skilled OPG consultant who has experience in getting participants to ‘buy in’ to their development. It facilitates personal development planning and, where needed, executive coaching through our sister practice, Ramsey Hall

Capability assessment and development centres can also be used in people & change situations. Restructuring or upskilling is often necessary for success. Our consultants analyse assessment data and present a Gap analysis. This considers strengths and development needs at the organisational level.

By focussing learning & development resources on identified needs, organisations will achieve a greater return on investment.

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  • The OPG has advised clients on all aspects of leadership capability assessment, succession planning and board effectiveness for organisations globally.

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