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Adapting HR Practices for the Current Crisis

Adapting HR Practices for the Current Crisis

Ramsey Hall & The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) has long championed home working, where appropriate, for our own team and as a result we are in a good place to offer our advice on how HR can maintain a sense of normality when it comes to resourcing, capability assessment, restructuring and development using digital HR and business psychology tools.

The temptation is to curtail or delay activity but, in reality, this compounds the sense of crisis and helplessness many will feel, whilst hampering the effective delivery of HR initiatives which are vital for a business to thrive and grow both in the near and longer term.

Instead, some of our clients have already embraced a different approach. They are introducing digital solutions such as online psychometric assessment and video conference feedback in combination with remote interviews for recruitment and video-based development discussions. They are also engaging with psychometric and/or 360-degree feedback assessment as part of their capability assessment data gathering.

This article is addresses how HR can respond to changing circumstances whilst maintaining vital HR activities in a seamless and cost-effective way.

Our Top 5 Tips

  • Try to embrace ongoing learning & development activities such as 360-degree feedback and development discussions. The fact that they are remote is largely irrelevant and they will help maintain moral and motivation amongst colleagues
  • Executive coaching is often carried out online via video conferencing. It is important to continue such activities to help maintain normality as far as possible. Our coaches are used to such approaches and many clients really value the counsel executive coaching provides during what can be a lonely time at home
  • If difficult decisions need to be made, HR should utilise online psychometric assessment for `high stakes assessment’. Along with real life performance data, psychometric assessment and feedback from experts can produce a real time assessment not only of current capability but also of future potential. If tough decisions need to be made objective assessment is a critical business tool
  • Where needed, outplacement can also be delivered online by our experienced team. This is a critical benefit where tough choices have been made and will help demonstrate corporate social responsibility and protect the employer brand
  • In many cases, recruitment will need to continue and selection criteria may need to change to embrace the requirement for staff to be able to work remotely – such individuals must be motivated to work alone. Psychometric assessment will be invaluable in understanding how, or even if, staff members can adapt to new working practices. Remember, at senior level hires will not start until after the crisis if we assume normality resumes in 3 to 4 months because notice periods tend to be as long as this

Adapting Human Resources activities to support the new reality of the workplace is going to be vitally important if organisations are to still be fit for purpose when, in due course, normality returns.
The benefits of maintaining normality using digital tools:

  • Maintaining HR support and advisory activities is business critical and is also essential to maintaining staff moral and capability
  • Business does not need to stop moving forward and careful investment now will build performance and competitive advantage
  • Technology can help HR provide business cost effective continuity at a time where colleagues need support the most
  • Establishing the new ‘norm’ will protect employees and organisations


It is important to maintain some level of normality and to maintain business continuity wherever possible. HR plays a key role in helping individuals and the organisation to ensure business emerges from the crisis in the best possible shape. Moreover, there are no additional costs involved.

Important Information

Ramsey Hall & The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) will continue to operate throughout the disruption from home so please continue to contact your usual account manager or medavis@theopg.co.uk or by phone on 07974 430021 or 02380 236944.

Kind regards,

Matthew Davis

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