Organisational Change & Employee Surveys

Having the right culture and vision that people believe in is essential for an organisation to achieve its true potential

Culture audits can assist us in understanding the current company culture and values, and attitude surveys focus on establishing a clear picture of employee attitudes. Used effectively, surveys and audits allow the organisation to appreciate and facilitate any changes required to match the vision of the company and its employees and drive the business forward.

Attitude surveys and culture audits will help to:

  • Identify how business practices, processes or values need to change
  • Feed an understanding of the organisation’s culture into the business strategy
  • Monitor the impact of strategic initiatives and anticipate how employees may react to changes
  • Clarify causes of problems such as high turnover, low morale, poor productivity or absenteeism
  • Assist in developing solutions to the issues currently facing the organisation

The Occupational Psychology Group approach will be specific to the organisational context. We design bespoke attitude surveys which provide a clear picture of the key issues within your business. Our culture audits give a comprehensive understanding of the core values within your organisation. As part of this process we will provide specific action points for change based on any areas of concern for you and your employees.

This will help inform the design of learning & development and organisational development change programmes so that scarce resources are directed where needed for a rapid return on investment.

Employee Surveys

Here are just some of the questions that organisations frequently ask.

  • What percentage of our workforce is happy in their current position?
  • Are our employees aligned with our organisation’s strategy and objectives?
  • What makes our high flyers leave? Why do they stay?
  • What are the most important issues facing our employees?
  • What improvements would our employees suggest?
  • Is our current benefits package really valued by employees?

Employee satisfaction surveys help employers to measure and understand their employees’ attitude, opinions, motivation and satisfaction; a term that is sometimes called ‘engagement’.

The benefits of having an engaged workforce have been well-researched. Some of the benefits include: reduced turnover and absenteeism, increased productivity, improved morale, and greater skills retention. Therefore, organisations are becoming increasingly interested in how they can improve employee’s working lives.

The Occupational Psychology Group believe that it is important to focus on the positive outcomes of being engaged. We have developed a model of employee engagement that looks at the outcomes of having an individual who is satisfied with both their job and the organisation. The model looks at whether employees have energy and enthusiasm for their jobs and a sense of connection and commitment to the organisation. This model forms the basis of a research-based approach to understanding and addressing issues of employee engagement.

Our Methodology

Decide what you want to know:

You can either provide us with your existing survey questions or we can work with you to design a questionnaire to measure the issues of key importance to your organisation. By working with us you will benefit from bespoke question design that is tailored to your specific questions, and requirements.

Decide who you want to survey:

You can choose to involve all of your employees in the survey or, alternatively, we can help you to select a sample that will provide statistically valid and reliable results.

Decide how you want to survey:

You choose the best way to conduct the survey – paper, email or Internet surveys (or a combination of these) – to ensure maximum response rates.

For more information about our Organisational Change & Employee Survey services contact our team now or read our Organisational Change & Employee Survey Case Study.