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Psychometric assessment provides powerful information about risk and identifying development needs for you and your organisation. All of the tests that we provide allow us to give you individual and team based assessment analysis with comprehensive evaluations through a wide range of reports.

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Our expert team ensures that we design our solutions to meet your requirements and so assessments may be carried out online, in-house or at a location to suit.


How it Works Online


Tell our consultants what you wantFeature 1

Tell our consultants what you want

Decide what tests you want to run, how many and when you want them sent and completed by

Send us the candidate’s names and email addresses



Email links are sent outFeature 2

Email links are sent out

We test the links before they are sent so that candidates can complete them seamlessly without any hassle



Candidates take the online assessmentFeature 3

Candidates take the online assessment

Candidates simply click the link in the email that was sent to them — any time, anywhere. They can take the test remotely from home or if you prefer, on your premises





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Feature 4

We receive the results and write the reports for you

As soon as assessments are complete our team collects the data for you and, if you require, we will write a bespoke report of your choice to help you interpret the results

Either telephone or face-to-face candidate feedback is provided as standard with all assessments that we provide


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