Why Use Development Centres?

At The Occupational Psychology Group we provide the expertise and guidance to ensure the success for organisations and individuals alike.

Detailed interviews give us a greater picture of core personality, attainment and ability as well as personal motivation and aspirations.

By using development centres you can understand:

  • Observable behaviours
  • Understanding of capability
  • Future fit
  • Risk as well as development needs
  • Development barriers
  • Promotion blockers

What you then get is an increased awareness of personal development, succession planning, restructuring and redeployment.

Not only that but the information can then be benchmarked against industry data for even greater utility.

Tailored To Meet Your Requirements

Every organisation and individual are unique, so we tailor our services to meet exact requirements. Programmes can include totally outsourced development centres run by The OPG; centres run in partnership with The OPG and client teams, or we can provide a centre manager together with a suite of assessment materials that assist in-house development teams. We can also provide certified assessor training where needed.

For more information about our Development Centre services contact our team now or alternatively read our Development Centre Case Study.