Board Consultancy

All successful organisations have highly effective boards at individual director and collective level, with excellent corporate governance and succession plans in place.

Our Board and Non-Executive Director (NED) practice provides the full range of board room services including recruitment (for executives, chairs and NEDs) and board room consulting. Our role is to help facilitate this using the full range of services through Ramsey Hall’s multi-disciplinary team.

We begin all projects by gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements to provide a mutual understanding of what success looks like at board level for your organisation.  Our board consulting team has experience in advising clients on board matters whether it be assessing board effectiveness at collective and individual level, succession planning or director resourcing to fill skills gaps within the board structure.

Board Succession

We provide the following services:

Recruitment of Executive Directors

Our role is to help you recruit the best directors who can help move your board team from an ‘oversight function’ into a ‘contribution function’ which truly adds value to your business.  The executive search process is highly comprehensive and further details may be found by clicking here.

Chair Recruitment

Effective boards have a Chairperson who can add significant expertise and leadership to the organisation.  The days of attending board meetings for the lunches are over.  Our board practice has outstanding expertise in attracting the best candidates for who offer a high degree of independent and insightful expertise and leadership.

Non-Executive Director (NED) Resourcing

More and more organisations now understand the importance of good governance and the value a good NED can bring to their business.  We have exceptional relationships with experienced NED’s who can add value to client organisations and we maintain a register of interested candidates who are looking for NED roles.

Induction and On Boarding

Our HR team has experience of designing on boarding/induction processes for board recruits in line with IOD recommendations.  Where required this can include one-on-one executive coaching in addition to HR support. To view our current assignments go to our Executive Search website.

For more information about our Board Consultancy services contact our team now or alternatively visit our other website about Board Effectiveness & Succession.