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Call us now and simply say what test you want and we will tailor it for you to the highest possible standard.

Our aim is to help you understand a person’s core personality, attainment, ability and potential to assess if they are fit within the team and organisational dynamics.

Psychometric assessment provides powerful information about risk and identify development needs for you and organisation. All of the tests that we provide allows us to give you individual and team based assessment analysis and comprehensive evaluations.

Our award winning teams are experts in the use of a wide variety of psychometric tests.

These Include:

  • The Occupational Personality Questionnaire by SHL (OPQ32r) – One the world’s most widely used questionnaires to show behaviour at work.
  • Motivation Questionnaire by SHL (MQ) – This test helps to show you what motivates, and equally demotivates, an individual.
  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – This test is a measure of ‘normal’ personality and is used to predict job performance.
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS) – A leading industry tool which looks into personality traits.
  • Motives Values Preferences Index (MVPI) – This test shows you an individual’s core values, goals and interests.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – Is a psychometric assessment tool designed to show you psychological preferences, perceptions and decision making processes.
  • A variety of aptitude tests from SHL (Including numerical and verbal testing) – For more information and a full list of what type of tests we offer contact us now.

Reports available include:

  • Competency assessment
  • Development planners
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Bespoke assessment


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Psychometric assessment

These are complemented with a range of aptitude, attainment and work sample tests from leading publishers such as SHL and Hogan.

The depth and breadth of our experience enables us to advise you on the best use of tools, whether the need is for assessment at the recruitment and selection stage or succession planning, development, restructuring and management due diligence, or simply career guidance.

A major benefit of working as part of Ramsey Hall’s wider talent management organisation is that we are able to add significant value to our people and change teams as part of their wider consulting activities.

Assessments In House, Online Or At Location

We ensure that we design our solutions to meet our clients’ requirements so assessments can be carried out online, in-house or at a location to suit. These programmes are often combined with structured interviews and appraisals that enable clients to gain greater clarity around their individual, team and organisational capabilities.

We also provide a number of online Talent Measurement Solutions such as SHL and Hogan assessments as part of our psychometric assessment offering.

More often than not, our consultants provide bespoke feedback which encapsulates all the assessments used against clients’ competencies and/or well researched universal leadership models. Either telephone or face-to-face candidate feedback is provided as standard with all our assessments.

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