SHL and Hogan Online Psychometric Assessment

The Occupational Psychology Group (OPG) provides leading online psychometric tests from SHL’s range of Talent Measurement services including:

  • Behaviour at Work (OPQ32r) - One the world’s most widely used questionnaires.
  • What motivates/demotivates an individual? (MQ) - This test helps to show what motivates as well as demotivates an individual
  • Ability Testing (including numerical, verbal and more) - Contact us to find out more information
  • The ‘Scenarios’ range of Work Sample Tests - Contact us to find out more information
  • SHL’s Dependability & Safety Tests Contact us to find out more information


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We Provide Personality and Development Tests from Hogan including:

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) - This test is a measure of ‘normal’ personality and is used to predict job performance
  • Motivation, Values Preference Inventory (MVPI) - This shows an individual’s core values, goals and interests
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS) - A leading industry tool which looks into personality traits


Ramsey Hall conduct various tests including Hogan


We also have access to a full range of MBTI assessments as well as bespoke tests to assess your team dynamics and enhance your organisation’s goals.


Develop Staff Capability

Objective Assessment is Key to Successful Hires and Diagnosing Development Needs

These tools provide critical objective information which is important for highly effective selection and targeted learning & development.

More than 80% of the FTSE 350 use the tools we recommend our clients because they are proven to help facilitate improved hires and therefore, ‘bottom line’ performance.


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