Graduate Recruitment & Assessment

Our team provides a powerful assessment solution to help employers choose the best graduates and identify high potential recruits who can rapidly make an impact on your organisation.

Whether the solution is to provide assessment centres, online psychometrics,  pencil and paper tests or a combination of methods, we can provide consulting input from design through to on-boarding post hire.

Getting the Basics Right

The graduate consultants work with our attraction specialists and recruitment process design team to ensure your assessment centre campaign meets three key matrix’s; the right cost, the right quality of hire and the right time to hire.

Designing the Assessment Methods

Our team of consultants can advise on the assessment methods and design competency interviews and exercises as required.  This can be extended to competency design where appropriate.

Post Hire

Once you have chosen your new graduates we can play a key role in their ongoing development so as to help maximise their chances of success.


For more information about our Graduate Recruitment & Assessment services contact our team now.